German style pancakes

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Makes 1 pancake

This recipe uses raisins, but as an alternative you can use other fruits like slices of peeled apples.

Soak the raisins in some warm water. I use a big handful of raisins. Meanwhile whisk the flour, egg and milk together. Add raisins into the mix.

Preheat a medium sized pan - use medium heat setting. Pour the batter into the pan. Bake until one side is slightly brown. Then turn the pancake and bake the other side. [Tip: To turn the pancke you can slide it on a large lid and then hold the lid with one hand and place the pan over it with the other hand and then turn ...]

Sprinkle the pancake with sugar or sweetener to taste.

If you use other fruits the method may slightly change, e.g. if you use apple slices you may not want to mix them into the batter but alternatively can pour the batter into the pan and then lay out the apple slices onto one side of the pancake while the other side starts to bake.

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